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how to survive the economic slowdown and be positioned to prosper when economic conditions improve. it is essential to pro actively manage your firm and its resources. Get the tools you need in Navigating the Economy:

Available Projects

Community development project

We are looking for local directories collaborations and are willing to merge with local support groups.

Self development referral project

We are looking for marketing and managerial consultants to join network.

web development projects

Website Designers wanted to join ref feral network as trustees to the enter prise. we our looking for five qualified team members to operated the performance and delivery to community.

bmm directories has advanced search options that include international and national specialities, support groups, and location.

The BMM Economics and Business Research group provides BMM members with insights and analysis of the development factors that help growth in business..

  1. conduct monthly and periodic surveys to track business conditions.

  2. provide our members with free referrals, promotion and timely analysis.

  3. top-notch reports farseeing awareness to help our members better understand their economic environment and how it affects their business performance.

Resource Pages

  1. support groups these generate  community news projects, courses, access to the right people, knowledge, and tools for self development