BMM {Abolition of the vehicle tax disc}

1 October 2014 you will no longer have to display the paper tax disc on a vehicle windscreen. The DVLA will still keep digital records

What does this mean for us?

you will still need to pay vehicle tax, getting a renewal reminder when your vehicle tax is soon due to expire. This applies to all types of vehicles including Vehicles used by a disabled person Mobility scooters, Historic vehicles,Electric vehicles, Mowing machines, Steam vehicles and vehicles used just for agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

What if may tax disc has not expired on the 1st October?

Not to fret you can either remove the tax disc from your vehicle or display the disc until it expires.

buying a vehicle and how do i know if its taxed?

From 1 October 2014, when you buy a vehicle, the vehicle tax will no longer be transferred with the vehicle:

  1. Call DVLA to confirm vehicle is taxed.

  2. Please insure that you get your new vehicle taxed before you can use it.

  3. You can tax your car at a Post Office branch that deals with vehicle tax.


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