Advertising & Marketing {understanding the Buyer}

Extensive studies have been done about the buying habits of consumers, but comparatively little has been published about the technical patterns of consumer buying habits. This is a  subject of great importance to those involved in advertisements and marketing The truth is that the industrial buyer and the consumer buyer have different motivating forces that influence buying.   

jam by Leon Ephraïm

Industrial buyer vs Consumer buyer

Firstly a consumer buyer: is the buyer who is also the consumer of the service or product being purchased.

Secondly a industrial buyer: are responsible for ensuring the companies choose the best appropriate services and goods on the basis of quality, price and delivery times.


So what type of things effect the consumer buying

A consumer, faced with a buying decision will be affected by the following three factors of which i abbreviate PPS :

  1. Personal

  2. Psychological

  3. Social

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